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Start with the basics

Session 1 – by the end of this session you will have an idea if self-employment is for you and how The Business Factory can help.

If you’d like to explore further then book Session 2**


The Learning Bit

Session 2 teaches you what needs to be done to start a business.

We keep it simple and include research, tax, banking, insurance, record-keeping, business structure and more.

High Growth Start-Up Support

The Money Bit

In session 3 you’ll learn how to work out your pricing to cover expenses and make profit, how to forecast your sales and calculate how much money you need to get started.

Social Enterprise Support

The Customers Bit

Session 4 shares dozens of ways to attract customers – find out how to build a customer base with marketing tips and techniques.

Take Flight!

After these sessions, you have 2 choices:

  1. Ready to fly? Receive one-to-one support from your dedicated business adviser and choose your Personal Package of Support.
  2. Self-employment not for you? Simply move onto your next goal.

Either is fine.

Join us for regular Ask The Expert events and watch out for Business of the Month!


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