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We sat down with February’s Business of the Month, Ocean Fit to find out a little bit more about the business…

What does your business do / offer? 

Ocean Fit is a private training facility offering affordable, quality coaching and training to regular people. We work with all different fitness and experience levels giving people the confidence to excel and achieve their goals

What made you set up on your own? 

I wanted to create a positive fitness community that would really give people the chance to excel. I was tired, unappreciated and wasted working in a gym. I had always been self employed before and knew it was the next step for me.

What have you found the biggest challenge to date? 

The hardest part of running Ocean Fit is finding reputable and like minded coaches who are as passionate about the Fitness Industry and offering the best member experience as I am. Luckily we have had some cracking ones in, but they are hard to come by.

What do you find most rewarding about running your business? 

I work long days, sometimes minus degrees on the beach. This never ever gets old for me. I absolutely LOVE taking all of the sessions and its all down to our members. They work so hard and do offer something truly unique to each and every session. It is such a rewarding atmosphere to be in.

What makes North Tyneside a good place to run a business? 

I have found in the past there is so much positive help and advice out there. Small business really do stick together and support each other. If ever I am stuck there is always somebody to turn to for help.

What one piece of advice would you offer to somebody looking to set out in business? 

For me it has been my way of life since my late teens and its something I am so thankful for and something that wouldn’t have been achievable if it wasn’t for the Business Factory.

With a solid plan and some market research in place I would encourage anybody to just go for it. Personally the best decision of my life.

Know your market.


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