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Even if you’ve already started your business, there’s still a whole bunch of ways The Business Factory could help you with your business.

Over the years we’ve helped lots of business set up and grow in North Tyneside.

This blog features some of the businesses which have been successful as a result of our support, take a look and Be Inspired .

Emily Ward

After redundancy forced Emily to look at her professional outlook, she decided to take a big step into self-employment.

However the thought of running a business terrified her. Here she shares her personal challenges, and explains how her determination led her to enlist the help of The Business Factory…

Dyes Domestics

Like many small business owners, Zoey’s eureka moment came after yet another bad day at work and she decided it was time to do something for herself.

“One of my biggest worries was simply that I didn’t know where to start, but The Business Factory were past masters at this, taking me through everything I needed to know, one step at a time.”

B&P Contractors

Despite already being an approved supplier to North Tyneside Council, updates to their procurement systems meant B&P Contractors would have to reapply.

This type of prequalification process was uncharted territory for Billy and his team, but fortunately, The Business Factory were on hand to help!

Living to Learn

After every meeting I’d feel inspired, I’d feel back on track, full of confidence, indeed if it wasn’t for the Business Factory I don’t think I would’ve started my business.

Alphabetically Autistic

The Business Factory not only helped us set up the business, they have been with us every step of the way as we have grown and developed, providing tools, training and support.

Get Ahead VA

The Business Factory was exactly what Allison and Karen needed, offering training and events that they could dip in and out of as required, helping them to hone their skills and build their business.

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