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Case Study – Dyes Domestics

18 months ago, I was employed full-time in the kitchen of a care home but it just wasn’t for me and after yet another bad day, I decided I wanted to do something for myself.

I had a friend who ran a beauty salon so I asked her how she’d started and where she’d gone to for help and advice. She made a few suggestions and I began to search the internet, and that’s where I found The Business Factory.

I got in touch with The Business Factory and booked myself onto an induction day – An introduction to Self-Employment. There were about 10 people at the event, people from different backgrounds, all with different business ideas. I felt more than a little on edge, but I was made to feel right at home.

Zoey Dye of Dyes Domestics

One of my biggest worries was simply that I didn’t know where to start, as the saying goes you don’t know what you don’t know, but The Business Factory were past masters at this, taking me through everything I needed to know, one step at a time.

Having someone take you through the process one step at a time was invaluable, they helped me to understand:

  • The different types of business I could set up
  • The questions I would need to answer in order to start planning my business, including:
    • Potential clients – what do they want?
    • Potential competition – what do they offer?
    • Forecasting and budgets – what might I turnover and what would be my costs.
  • The additional skills I would need to learn, for example:
    • Staffing – how to go about employing staff, including employment contracts and payroll
    • Sales & Marketing – how best could I promote my services and win business

Indeed, on top of all the information that was being shared by The Business Factory it was also great to meet with other like-minded people who wanted to start their own business; we shared our ideas, we shared our worries and we shared our thoughts on how we were going to take our businesses forward.

The whole session was incredibly informative and I started to get an idea of the options in front of me and what I needed to do to start my own business.

Following the event, Janice Ross was assigned as my advisor. She would take me through the process from start to finish; providing support, guidance and inspiration!

It was great to have Janice on board. I could ask her anything, as far as she is concerned there are no ‘wrong’ questions and she would help me to shape my ideas, fill in the gaps and create my business plan.

The Business Factory run a variety of courses to help you start and grow a business and if they can’t help, they always seem to know someone who can.

In addition to the introduction to self-employment workshop, they also helped me to get my head around social media and how I could use the likes of Facebook to grow my business.

I also attended a course that would help me tender into the public sector, opening that market up to us.

The Business Factory also helped me to develop relationships; both face-to-face, through their own networking events, and online and as a member of a variety of groups and forums, including The North Tyneside Business Forum.

They were able to put us in touch with a company that helped my staff and I get CSCS cards which would allow us to work on building sites.

They were also able to connect us with two other forum members, whom we have been working with ever since.

18 months on and we are booked seven days a week, working both domestically and commercially (the split is about 50-50).

Commercially, we work with a variety of businesses including nurseries, bed and breakfasts and holiday lets, providing one off or ongoing cleaning services.

Domestically we have clients who have us in every week as well as those who call upon us to provide a one off, deep clean.

The Business Factory has played a massive part in getting us to where we are now, I don’t believe we would’ve done it without them.

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