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A community gym in Dudley, North Tyneside is now fighting fit having been saved from closure.

Quadrant Leisure has taken over the management of the gym based inside the local authority’s John Willie Sam’s Centre in Dudley and is looking to build on its success as a community resource.

The Community Interest Company which already provides sporting activities in the east end of Newcastle, has rebranded the gym Q-Fit Community Gym and is looking to increase its opening hours and the range of classes and group sessions on offer in order to meet the needs of both the local community as well as specific interest groups such as disability groups, veteran support groups and women only.

Dave Lattimer, a former local government officer who initially set up Quadrant Leisure to provide access to community football coaching to children aged 3-8 living in Newcastle’s East End, is now looking to create a community hub at the gym, where people of all ages will be welcomed to take part in a wide variety of activities.

His newly appointed team of three health and fitness coaches, two of whom have joined him from Tyne Met College, will not only support the local community to get more active through additional low impact to core body exercise classes and re-introducing GP Referrals, but will engage with specific community providers, such as Bike4Health, to offer holiday fun clubs to children aged from 8 to 12.

He said: “Whilst not necessarily widely used, the gym has provided a vital service to members of the local community so we are delighted that people will be able to continue to access the facilities and experience a wider range of our services aimed at helping the community become more active. We will be extending the opening hours and we are confident that more people will be able to access the facilities and support available.

“As a community interest company we will be keeping our prices accessible – offering monthly membership or pay as you go – and will be able to offer a range of free activities such as an 8 week Family Fit course, where we are hoping family members across the generations will be encouraged to take part and make exercise part of their regular routines.”

For further information on Q Fit gym contact or ring them on 0191 643 2860.

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