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1 to 1 support for start-up and existing businesses in North Tyneside with developing ideas, early stage product and service design, prototyping and development.

Whatever stage you are at whether it’s a new product or service concept an idea you want to discuss and explore.

Or maybe you have already developed something and you want to protect or improve.

Our no cost independent impartial practical support can help you make decisions and take the next step.

We are also going to run our new “How to” workshops, 90 minute practical sessions to help you make decisions on your projects. We have 3 sessions they will cover the following topics providing some useful tools and tips to use

Innovation and Design Session 1. UNDERSTAND

Most successful innovations are because there is a problem to solve so really understanding the problem you want to solve, why it matters, to whom and what the potential value might be is key.

Different types of research can help you go from understanding a problem to identifying an unmet need and defining the opportunity for a successful innovative solution.

Innovation and Design Session 2. DEVELOP

Ideas and solutions need developing and testing before being launched so coming up with and choosing the right ones are fundamental.

Testing and prototyping new services and products can be done quickly to see what works and what doesn’t. Also if your solution is unique protecting it may well be an important consideration.

Innovation and Design Session 3. COMMERCIALISE

As important as developing a new service and product is working on how you commercialise it, i.e. your business model is and route to market. I.e. are you selling direct to people or businesses and through intermediaries or agents.

It may be a combination so considering the options and opportunities makes sense.


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