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Are you making or selling products? Do you want to discover how & where to sell them? Perhaps you’d like to open your own shop, but you’re not sure where to start or who can help? Join the Retail Incubator Programme and learn how to develop your brand and grow your business.

This intense, two-month free online course starts on Wednesday 17th March and will teach you how to prepare to take your product/s into a retail outlet for the first time. You learn well thought out marketing techniques and organisational tips from an experienced retail marketeer, Karen Goldfinch of Your Business Pilot.

Exclusively for North Tyneside businesses. Delivered by TEDCO Business Support Limited and fully funded by North Tyneside Council & North of Tyne Combined Authority.

What’s included in the Retail Incubator course?

It’s packed full of great things to give you a helping hand whilst you decide if taking retail premises is for you. Whether you’ve been making products to sell at fairs and markets, selling on Facebook during Lockdown, or buying wholesale stock to sell on Amazon (or anywhere in between), this course includes everything you need to know to launch your product in a real-life retail scenario:

  • Goal setting and business planning for maximum effect
  • Working with suppliers and getting your pricing strategy right
  • Building an identity for your business through marketing and brand awareness
  • Planning to run a shop – lead time, trends and taking time off!
  • Encouraging shoppers to buy by mastering some key sales methods
  • Merchandising and shop layout (this part is great fun!)
  • Taking payment and keeping the books
  • Deciding on premises and finding good staff

At the end of the course your aspiration to be in retail premises will be a lot closer!

Dedicate yourself fully each week and we promise you’ll thrive with North Tyneside Council’s new Retail Incubator Hub with support (and a realistic level of accountability!) from course leader Karen Goldfinch, founder of ‘Your Business Pilot’, who’ll steer you towards your dream by sharing over 35 years of retail experience.

Find out more and apply on the Retail Incubator Page.

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