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Social Enterprise is an exciting and fast growing sector in North Tyneside. This element of the programme is delivered by a Social Enterprise Business Advisor to support individuals to explore social enterprise as an option when starting up a business and to help our existing social enterprises in the borough to grow.

A Social enterprise is a business which trades with a social purpose or to benefit the community. Like traditional businesses they aim to make a profit but it’s what they do with their profits that sets them apart.

There are many different types of social enterprise business models and structures which vary according to their core purpose, ownership, management structure and accountability, these include for example Community Interest Companies (CIC), Trading Charities, Co-Operatives, Social Firms.

Well known examples include Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Fifteen, the Eden Project, The Big Issue, Divine Chocolate and football giants FC Barcelona.

Very few company activities are excluded from becoming a social enterprise, benefiting the community is what they are all about.

“Quadrant Leisure has taken over the management of the gym based inside the local authority’s John Willie Sam’s Centre in Dudley and is looking to build on its success as a community resource. As a community interest company we will be keeping our prices accessible.”

Quadrant Leisure CIC

If you are interested in setting up a business that will help others or the environment our Social Enterprise Business Advisor will support you to:

Explore the viability of your idea and set out a clear social and/or environmental mission

Write your business plan and figure out the Financials

Choose the right model (CIC, charity etc) 

Support you through registering your business

Help you put policies and operational procedures in place to deliver your activities

Assist you with systems to measure your social impact to prove you are making a difference

If you are already established and looking at developing and improving your current projects and job creation support will be tailored to your needs and often includes helping you to:

Achieve greater impact, improve capacity

Review governance and structure

Scope new opportunities

Explore partnerships/collaboration opportunities to help you grow

Review finances, get Investment ready, systemise and develop new income streams

Re-engage and re-energise

Explore asset transfer

If you want to explore developing a social enterprise or would like to grow your social enterprise, give us a call on 0191 605 3110

“Thanks to Toni Clark for her professionalism, clear and concise information and her patience as she guided us through this process”

Community & Health Care Forum CIC

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