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A one day old to 50 year old business in North Tyneside can access 100% funded 1-2-1 support and specialist consultancy in a range of topics. 

The Business Factory supports small and medium sized businesses to grow and create job, with up to 12 hours of 100% funded support from a business development officer or specialist consultant.

If your business has the potential to grow and create jobs, get in touch today! 

1-2-1 support is available in the following areas: 

Procurement Support accessing the NEPO Portal and assistance with tender writing
Property Guidance on how to negotiate with commercial landlords and understanding leasing agreements etc
Marketing Assistance with developing marketing plans, marketing materials and selecting the most appropriate marketing methods to identify and target customers
Branding Practical help to brand or re brand your business effectively, including logo and promotional material design support
Sales How to find new customers, win new sales and most of all help to sell ‘your’ business to the right target market
Public Relations Assistance to help you plan your own PR activities- identifying the best ways to reach your customers and work out what messages you wish to convey
 Social Media Practical help creating, improving and scheduling of all social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
 ICT Assistance with identifying and using various software and applications and assistance with websites, SEO and email marketing
 eBay Support with e-commerce for business and selling on e-bay
3 D Printing Help with designs (conceptual drawings) and printing of prototypes
To meet with a Business Development Officer who can diagnose your business’ requirement for growth and can refer you to the relevant consultant(s), please call 0191 605 3110 or email


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