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As part of our commitment to Climate Change, we have developed the Sustainability Incubator Programme specifically for small and medium sized businesses based in North Tyneside. Applications are invited now.

We are delighted to launch this in the run up to the COP26 summit which brings parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Our staff have already undertaken this training to support you through your development.

With only 12 places available, applications are invited now – read more and apply here.


What’s included in the Sustainability Incubator Programme?

  • Introduction Understanding the need to embrace Sustainability
  • What does Sustainability mean? A broad understanding of the basic concepts and terminology
  • Sustainability Strategy. Gain skills to make Sustainability happen in business
  • Engagement and communications Learn how to talk Sustainability to different audiences using Green Jujitsu
  • Green Products and Services and Marketing Learn how to develop and sell ‘green’ products and services
  • Main Project Learn how to put theory into practice by aligning one aspect of the business to Sustainability
  • Developing Action Plans
  • Project conclusion Peer review of action plans

You’ll leave with:

  • A researched and clearly defined Sustainability Project ready to action
  • An understanding of what Sustainability means to you and your customers
  • The tools to engage your team in belief and action

Dedicate yourself fully each session and we promise you’ll make great strides with North Tyneside Council’s new Sustainability Incubator Programme. Your commitment is to attend 8 interactive and absorbing online sessions (1 x 3hr session per week) which are delivered remotely via Zoom in a cost-effective, time efficient and low carbon manner.

Apply today so we can review your application. We expect take up to be high and you’ll hear the outcome of your application very soon.

Exclusively for North Tyneside businesses. Delivered by TEDCO Business Support Limited and fully funded by North Tyneside Council & North of Tyne Combined Authority.

Find out more and apply on the Sustainability Incubator Programme page.

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