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The Business Factory Privacy Policy

The Business Factory, which is based at North Tyneside Business Centre, is here to provide help, support and guidance to your new or existing business. Support is also available to any resident of North Tyneside wishing to start a business.

The service will help you to take your first steps in business, explore your abilities and look at the reality of starting your own business. The service offers tips and any guidance you need to turn your passion, interests or skills into a business, regardless of age, background or circumstances and you don’t even need to have a business idea. If you do not have an idea, we offer a Business Ideas Generator which can help you search for business ideas based on your skills and hobbies and develop them into money making ideas.

Regardless of your circumstances or motivation, we have experienced and professional advisers and consultants who have the knowledge to help you throughout the lifetime of your business with tailored confidential free advice, workshops on everything from starting a business to developing cash flow and attracting customers. Additionally, there is access to specialist consultancy in a range of areas such as commercial premises, accountancy, HR, social media and marketing.

For those looking to explore Social Enterprise there is a bespoke service as well as support for existing social enterprises within North Tyneside which includes. Advice and support to individuals and groups of individuals considering establishing a new social enterprise as well as those existing established social enterprises within our borough. There is detailed advice on potential new business structures (including CICs, co-operatives and mutual’s). Selection and registration of the most
appropriate structure for the enterprise as well as business planning help, viability assessing and sign posting to other relevant support and funding.

North Tyneside Council (NTC) receive funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to provide this support and will need to ask you some questions about you and your ideas/business. We will provide your data to our delivery partner, TEDCO. TEDCO and NTC may meet with you direct to provide this support. Some of the information you provide us will be shared with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) and be used to evaluate this project and to report to ERDF for monitoring and evaluation purposes.

MHCLG will share all or some of your personal data with the national evaluator of the ERDF programme. In some cases, the national evaluator, i.e. independent external contractors commissioned by MHCLG, may use the contact details to contact a
sample of direct or indirect beneficiaries for the purpose of the National Evaluation of the programme. It is likely that the survey methodology will need to incorporate a variety of approaches in order to maximise the survey response rate (for example,
telephone survey, written survey, and e-mail survey) – hence the need for a variety of contact details required for each participant. MHCLG may also need to share with other government departments and the European Commission where this is
necessary to test the robustness of the data gathered or to inform the National Evaluation.

MHCLG will not give any personal data to any other organisation unless needed for the purpose of the evaluation and will instruct them not to use it to contact individuals for any reasons not connected with the purpose of the National Evaluation of the ERDF programme 2014-2020 or other matters directly relating to the evaluation. If MHCLG has to pass on the data, it will only provide what is needed, and if possible, will remove the details that might identify individuals personally.

MHCLG will not keep your personal data for longer than it needs but as a minimum, will retain data for two years after the closure of the 2014-2020 ERDF programme in line with the European Regional Development Fund document retention guidance to ensure MHCLG meets reporting obligations and to demonstrate compliance with EU Requirements.

If you are not happy with the way your data will be used unfortunately, we would not be able to support you.
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